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Ashley and Abbie

Hey all and welcome to another great production. This week we bring you all these naughty babes who are playing with their favorite dolls, and having the time of their lives. For today we bring you two hotties that are going to turn you all so hot, you won’t believe. So sit back and watch Ashley and Abbie playing with their doll and having lots of fun.

When the camera starts to roll, you’ll see all three of them sitting on the bed, all naked and ecstatic, getting ready to start their amazing show. So here you’ll see them starting to play with each other first, touching and caressing one another’s naked bodies. After a while, when they are body already turned on and aroused, these two blondes will grab their lovely, favorite doll, put it on the bed, while they both are starting to touch it and massage its tits. They start playing with it, and here you’ll see Ashley and Abbie kissing and licking it’s breasts, as they are turning all of you on. Thank you for watching this great show here with us and we’ll see you all next week for more hot material, until then, don’t forget to stay tuned. Also you can watch some jiggly girls galleries and see some sexy cartoon characters getting wet and wild!

Watch here Ashley and Abbie playing with their doll!