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Today we bring you a special show, with Tila and her sex doll. She wants to try something really hot an wild, so there she is, getting her doll out, taking its pink swimsuit off, placing it on the chair. So now you’ll see her doll, exposed and waiting for Tila to start her performance. She will take off all her clothes, revealing her sexy tits and offering you an amazing view of her delicious curves, while wearing just a pair of golden panties. Then she starts moving around and dancing around her doll, so after a while you’ll see her turning around, with her back on her doll, and starts offering it a lap dance, moving and shaking her ass closer and closer to it, right next to its boobs. We hope you all had a great time watching our special show for today and remember that we’ll be back next week with more contents. Until then, enter the blog and watch some sexy anime girls getting hammered!

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